Complete Healthcare For Every Stage Of Your Life!

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Heart City Health
Elkhart's Quality, Affordable Health Care ProviderFor Every Stage Of Your Life

Heart City Health refers to it as Wholehearted Health Care which basically means complete healthcare for every stage of life. Even though that is significant and a common sense approach to healthcare, Heart City takes it a step farther by ensuring that they deliver quality healthcare and affordable healthcare to residents of Elkhart County.

Established in 1993, Heart City Health is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Federally Qualified Health Center providing affordable, high quality medical, dental, and behavioral health care to local residents (in Elkhart County) . With a growing awareness and reputation for constantly improving the quality of health care and healthcare services that they provide, Heart City Health is making a bigger, better name for themselves everyday.

Their policies are quite unique in the fact that while Heart City Health may take positions on or advocate with regard to public policy issues pertinent to its mission, consistent with the requirements of applicable Federal and state law, they conduct their activities in an entirely nonpartisan manner. Heart City Health may acknowledge the elected officials who support them, but we do not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for public office, nor do they intervene in an election on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate of a political party. This position keeps a clean reputation and conscious for the respected healthcare provider.

The Heart City Health Goal
The basic goal (over and above providing quality, affordable healthcare to Elkhart County residents) is to become the Patient-Centered Medical Home for residents of the Elkhart community. Their intention is to provide everything from pediatric to adult to geriatric care to those residents... and to make this a better, happier and of course healthier community!

Wholehearted Care Video about Heart City Health


Bringing quality care and affordability together to become healthcare designed for your life



At Heart City Health, they treat patients from the tiniest infant through adolescence. Their Pediatric Staff has years of experience caring for children just like yours. Regardless of your needs, whether it is a well-child exam, school physical, or a sick kid visit, they know you and your children will feel welcome and comfortable at Heart City.

They also know that immunizations help prevent the spread of disease. Therefore, the Heart City Health Pediatric Services offers programs so that your children receive the vaccinations they need to stay well.

Through the Vaccines for Children Program, all pediatric immunizations are free of charge for their patients.


Heart City Health Pediatric Services

Physical Examinations
Immunization Updates
Tracking Growth & Development
Vision, Hearing & Behavior Screenings
Laboratory Studies As Needed
Information On Health & Safety Issues
Information On Nutrition & Physical Fitness
Guidance On Behavior & Family Communication
Dental Examinations


Your health needs are both individual and unique. and always important! That’s why Heart City Health offers a range of adult medical services for a variety of conditions.

Regular exams and check-ups are important for living with long term health. Don’t worry if it’s been a while since you’ve been to a doctor. The Heart City Health providers will do thorough exams, ask good questions regarding your concerns and respond professionally and accordingly with your best interest in mind.

As key components of your Heart City Health Patient Care Team, you and your provider or providers will develop a treatment plan that works for you.An important part of your treatment plan is follow-up appointments to proactively manage your health. This is the way Heart City operates and the manner in which the help make and or keep patients healthy.


Heart City Health Adult & Geriatric Medical Services

Physical Examinations
Breast Exams
Prostate Exams
Diagnostic Gynecological Testing
Cervical Cancer Screenings
Chronic Illness Management
• Asthma • Diabetes • Heart Disease • HIV & Hepatitis C • Hypertension •Obesity
Cholesterol Checks
Family Planning
STD Testing & Treatment
Preventive Health Education
Referrals for Specialty Care
Laboratory Services

Heart City Health providers offer geriatric assessments, which consist of a comprehensive evaluation designed to optimize an older person’s ability to enjoy good health. They also seek to improve the overall quality of life, reduce the need for hospitalization and/or institutionalization. Their goal is to enable their patients to live independently for as long as possible.


For more information on Geriatric Medicine and Services, please contact Heart City Health at 574.293.0052 - after hours 1.877.777.1173

Heart City Health Center believes in integrating medical and behavioral care. Their aim is to serve all of your primary healthcare needs so that you can enjoy the highest quality of life possible. This includes an understanding that your mental wellness can have a direct impact on your physical wellness, and vice versa.


Heart City Health Behavioral Services

Lifestyle Choices (that may be impacting your health)
Crisis Intervention
Stress Management
Individual & Family Counseling

As Heart City continues to grow so do their facilities. For you, that means expanded options and top notch care. They actually now have a new state-of-the-art clinic that is ready to provide you a complete range of affordable dental services. Now that’s something to smile about.


Heart City Health Dental Services

Treatment Planning
Cleaning/Dental Hygiene
Patient Education
Children’s Dentistry

Heart City Health Dental Office
236 Simpson Ave Elkhart

Dental Hours
Mon–Thur 9a-1p then 2p-5p
Fri 9a-1p then 2p-4p

New Heart City Health Dental Office Opening Soon

Slated to open during the third quarter of 2019, the new center will be located at 2100 Superior Street, in Elkhart.
Once finished, it will feature 11 dental suites and a children’s play area.

Prescription drugs are important to your successful treatment, but they can be costly. Heart City Health understands that it can be difficult to afford your prescriptions. To ensure that you have access to the care you need, prescriptions written by Heart City Health Center practitioners can be filled at reduced prices through their onsite pharmacy. Heart City Health Center participates in a federal government program to provide low cost prescription drugs to patients with no insurance.


Medicine Assistance Program
Several drug companies have assistance programs for people experiencing trouble affording name brand medications. As a Heart City Health patient, you could qualify for Medicine Assistance. Their Medicine Assistance Program Coordinator will determine if you are eligible and can assist you in completing the application.

Heart City Health Team
When it comes to healthcare it's all about the people and that's where Heart City Health shines. Their talented staff is not only well-educated and well-trained, they are also caring and compassionate... and that can make all of the difference when it comes to healthcare providers. They care about their patients and about the community. Their dedication to serving you and their passion for exceptional healthcare is hard to find. Their care comes straight from the heart!


Executive Leadership

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